It is an indoor location system that manages the distribution of contextual content to smartphones. Our service is realized through the use of a network of proximity sensors (beacons), through the Eddystone protocol.  Essentially these devices, which are low cost and low power consumption, by using the mapping of an indoor environment (company, shop, store) allow to send a proximity signal to the single connected mobile device that “reacts” by decoding the signal and uses it to “trace” the taken itinerary. This offers the possibility to provide the customer of the store, if he/she has Android or iOS smartphone, with various services, also and above all linked to his/her physical location within the room.

The system consists of a separate server with a database containing the mapping of shops/stores, the mapping of departments, the products sold in each department, the current offerings, customers’ records and their profiles as buyers. An app must be installed on the mobile device (whose use must therefore be perceived by the client as useful and convenient), which connects to the proximity sensors to determine the position and cross these information with those of the server.
Once the app is launched and the Bluetooth activated, user can know his/her position inside the store map along with the department information and products sold there. He/she can receive personalized information and notifications based on his/her profile as customer/buyer. For example, if the user reaches the tenth visit to the store or 1000 euro of purchases or 250 loyalty points or the day of his/her birthday, through this system you can give the user a personalized notification of special offers on products in the exact moment he/she goes through that departments where those products are exposed. Through the “Search” function the customer can know the position of products of his/her interest inside the map of the store and the information made available by the retailer. This feature is included in a complete software solution known as eGrocery.