Neta s.r.l. has been working in the Information Technology national market for more than 20 years, it is a member of TomWare s.c.a.r.l. and it is now focused on projecting and developing software applications. It is specialized in web-oriented applications and vertical solutions, websites, mobile apps, using a proprietary framwork developed underLAMP environment and scripting languages. Neta integrates high competences in the administration of messaging systems and groupware, based on Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange.

Our customers are big dimensions structures in the banking sector, public administration, retail chains, energy power companies, petrochemical industry, service, agribusiness. It owns excellent infrastructures and has implemented a modern technical space to host a CED,.

Besides standard software products, Neta is able to customize projects to the specific needs of customers.

  • PEC for Domino: solution for the management of certified mailboxes on HCL Domino
  • Sibilla: vertical web based application for call centers
  • CRM: web based application for the management of relationships and contacts with customers and prospects. This product has a “lighter” version including just a newsletter module
  • Automate: solution that manages logistics, possibility to get customized
  • Intracall (internal address book management) integrated with voip call centre
  • Software for the management of companies’ notice board (suitable also for block of flats’ notice boards, can be sold to their administrators)
  • Badami: customized management for personal assistance services: caregivers and housemaids.
  • Ticketing system: for the ticketing management server side which can be integrated with a monitoring system based on Zabbix
  • Web management
  • System of enterprise dashboarding
  • Use of libreoffice/openoffice to office automation, as an alternative to Microsoft
  • Email, calendar & scheduling, instant messaging communications
  • Network security systems and network testing
  • Software for embedded systems and microcontrollers, for industrial control solutions, monitoring, rfid.