Wine Portal is a B2B application, available via web application in cloud, with the aim to automate a simplify the management the supply chain in trading  wines and spirits on the international market.

It is a real marketplace designed to handle negotiations, contracts, orders, purchases of wine products on the international market, between professionals at different levels of the supply chain (producers, importers, brokers, Ho.Re.Ca.). The system is initialized from a producer that facilitates and allows the registration of new customers on the system, positioning them inside the correct type of professional, then inserting them inside the correct level of the brokering tree. Each person inside the tree “creates” his customers below him and uses the system to handle the negotiations. This way new “elements” of the tree can have a contact with professionals from other countries, establish a communication channel, initiate contacts and negotiations and generate trade. The system is intended for managing a number of constraints, excise taxes and and country related law compliances for transport, import and distribution.
Currently international sales are not supported by any applicaton or advanced technology; sales reps are working on behalf of producers, and cannot have a “full view” of the whole supply chain. Instead, highly structured customers like retail chains require fast and high performance interfaces in their buying departments.

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