Tableau de Bord is a software solution able to control and execute the reproduction of digital contents (spots, entertainment, advertisement, publication of data and dynamic measures, images etc). It is available either in cloud through a web application or through a specific implementation for customers (on premise).
The system provides for management and distribution of the multimedia content towards remote diffusion systems. These are normally composed of a pc (endowed with focused features on reliability and low consumption, given that normally it has to be always on) and a large monitor/television.
The software allows the creation of a show schedule of the contents that are expected to be broadcast by player’s groups (composed on basis of diffusion needs) or even by single players. Contents can be independently created on different systems, generally by external communication experts; than they are selected and scheduled by the programme manager. The product/service is interesting for several kind of organizations (retail chains, supermarkets, multisite companies).
Our distribution system is only software and does not require the use of specialized devices player side: it concerns of simple PC on which are installed Linux and other open source softwares. The version of the product targeted to supermarkets can integrate a counting device (“we serve number…..”) to handle the queues in the area in whitch It is exposed a diffusion system, in order to better emphasize contents to the audience.
The term Digital Signage points to the dissemination of messages of advertising and/or information towards groups of remote players, while Tableau de Bord points to a managed system that distribute specific contents, usually in a corporate environment and often for executive groups. Both features are available with different version of the product.